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Okan Kocuk, who was hired by the Eastern Black Sea team from Galatasaray for a year, evaluated his performance and talked about his future goals. Expressing that he had several options in the transfer process to GZT Giresunspor, but he preferred the green-white team, Okan said, “Here, Hakan (Keleş) is the teacher. The fact that he is a teacher, İlker (Avcıbay) and our relationship and communication with our president made me prefer this place. Their nice and warm approach was effective. Of course, I wanted to play regularly. That’s why I chose Giresunspor. It is the right choice at the moment. I think I did.” He said, “I want to return to Galatasaray stronger.” Okan Kocuk stated that he met with Galatasaray Technical Director Fatih Terim before his transfer, “I came here in consultation with our teacher Fatih Terim. I was hired for a year because he wanted me to play. He also gave permission here. don’t come.” Emphasizing that he wants to improve himself in Giresunspor, Okan said, “My goal is to show a good performance. Currently, I am serving the GZT Giresunspor team and the city of Giresun. I want to serve in the best way and return after completing my duty. I aim to return to Galatasaray stronger. ” “Good goalkeepers have started to emerge.” Reminding that Mircea Lucescu was selected for the squad during the A National Team coaching period, Okan said that among his goals is to wear a crescent-star again. Okan Kocuk emphasized that good goalkeepers have been raised in Turkey recently, ” Altay Bayındır, Uğurcan Çakır, İrfan Can Eğribayat… Many good goalkeepers came out. This is pleasing for us. I also went to the National Team during the Lucescu era. I want to be selected for the national team again with a good performance here. There are very good and successful goalkeepers. I can find myself a place in that group.” “I’m trying to do my best” Evaluating his performance in Giresunspor, Okan said: “Look, I played in the first 3 weeks of 8 weeks. After that, I was put aside by my teacher’s choice, I waited. And look at the goalkeeper. We also failed to win in those 3 weeks. Then I took over the goal again. I am satisfied with my own performance. I want to add something to the team every week. I want to get points or points with the contribution of my teammates. I am trying to do my best at the moment. I hope I will do better. It’s a good team.” he concluded his speech.

En Sağlam Bahis Siteleri


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