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A National Women’s Volleyball Team and Fenerbahçe Opet team captain Eda Erdem Dündar made statements. Expressing that they left behind a beautiful and enjoyable summer with the national team, Eda Erdem Dündar said, “The national team season was very enjoyable. We played 4 intense, 3 high quality tournaments for 4 months. We can say that we left behind a summer season in which we stood strong as a team and never stopped fighting. We received support from the whole country. That’s why we enjoyed playing it a lot. We closed 4 months well with the medals in the Nations League, the Olympics and the European championship after the process. Everyone left happily. It was a nice adventure for us. Summer of 2021 was a good adventure for us. It was very enjoyable,” he said. “NEXT TARGET 2022 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” The experienced player underlined that they should always go to target as a team, “There is the world championship in 2022. Then there will be the 2023 European championship and the Paris Olympics in 2024. I hope we will play the Paris Olympics if we can participate again. We will always be the target. We are thinking of going to the target. Right now, our primary goal is to achieve success in the world championship. Then there is Europe and the Olympics. We have already achieved a good success as a team. We have shown many times that when we play well, we can beat anyone. The important thing is to increase sustainability. Our goal is of course in every tournament we play. However, if we are talking about the Olympics, it is a very high quality, challenging tournament with the best 12 teams in the world. But I believe that until 2024, I believe that as the Sultans of the Net, we will be a more developed team, with higher self-confidence and more successful dominance in the game. will enter by 2024 z. So, let’s talk about it again towards 2024.” “A DIFFICULT SEASON IS WAITING FOR US” Stating that preparations are continuing in Fenerbahçe before the new season, Eda Erdem Dündar said, “We are a very young team this year. As Fenerbahce Opet, we have a very enjoyable training session. Since everyone is so young, there is a good energy and synergy. We are a new team. Most players are new. That’s why we are currently playing friendly matches to get to know each other. We continue our pre-season training. This year will be a tough year. Because there are too many tournaments. We want first place in every tournament we play. A tough year awaits us, but we believe that we will have an enjoyable volleyball watch.” We missed you so much.”

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