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Fenerbahçe Beko Men’s Basketball Team defeated Serbian representative Kızılyıldız mts 61-57 in the new season of the THY Europa League. Red Star, who could only try 3 shots in the first 5 minutes and could not achieve success in them, managed to balance the game effectively in the painted area. The guest team, who scored points with Kuzmic, reduced the lead to 3 points in the 9th minute with Kalinic’s three-pointer, and the first quarter of the match was completed with 16-13 Fenerbahce Beko’s superiority. He took the lead 22-21 in the 15th minute with the basket of . Fenerbahce Beko, who started to defend well in the remaining part, finished the first half ahead 28-26 with Booker’s basket. At the beginning of the second half, Red Star scored a three-pointer with Hollins and scored 31-28 in the 21st minute. While the 24th minute of the match was dominated by the guest teams 31-30, both teams could not score for 2.5 minutes. The yellow-dark blue team regained the upper hand with Pierre’s effective play and passed the 3rd period 45-37. The yellow-dark blue team, which fell on the defensive from time to time, could not make the move to break the match. Fenerbahce Beko, who was ahead 49-47 in the 34th minute, boosted up with Pierre’s slam dunk basket and increased his defensive strength. The home team, who defended the painted area well, carried the lead to 58-52 in the 39th minute with the intervention of De Colo. Although Fenerbahçe Beko could not prevent his opponent’s 5 points in the last minute, he won the match 61-57 with the baskets he found in the last 4 seconds and started the season with a victory.Fenerbahçe Beko: 61 – Kızılyıldız mts: 57Hall: Country Sports and Event Referees: Fernando Rocha (Portugal), Elias Koromilas (Greece), Joseph Bissang (France)Fenerbahçe Beko: Henry 4, Shayok 4, Pierre 13, Booker 8, Vesely 8, De Colo 7, Polonara 7, Melih Mahmutoğlu 6, İsmet Akpınar 2, Ahmet Düverioğlu 2Kızılyıldız mts: Wolters 9, Kalinic 9, Mitrovic 4, Hollins 5, Simonovic, Kuzmic 8, Ivanovic 16, Lazarevic 61. Period: 18-15 Circuit: 28-263. Period: 45-37

En Sağlam Bahis Siteleri


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