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Çebi came to Edirne to attend the 16th Meeting of the Presidents of the Turkish Education Association (TED). TED Edirne College students greeted Çebi with flowers at the entrance of the school. Cebi, who came to the conference hall accompanied by marches and applause, stated that he was also a graduate of TED College and wished the students a successful education life. Chatting with the students and answering their questions, Çebi made a team place in everyone’s heart. Expressing that all teams in Turkey represent Turkish sports, Cebi said, “You, as the supporter of each of them, can be proud to represent them. I am a Beşiktaş fan because I love Beşiktaş more than all of them. You have to learn to respect your opponents and value them as well, and you have to accept them.” “Pjanic is a worldwide brand” When asked by a student about getting Miralem Pjanic’s testimonial, Cebi said, “Pjanic is a world-class brand. We would like to get the testimonial, but it depends on the conditions. You will never attempt anything bigger than your height. I hope we can handle it.” Cebi answered the students’ questions about the performances of Michy Batshuayi and Pjanic, “Both of them are high quality players around the world. But I think they are not fully motivated due to the injuries. I hope the next goal is to beat our opponents. I trust both of them very much.” He replied. “Will there be a transfer?” Will there be star player transfers in the new transfer period? Cebi answered the question as follows: “It is not possible for football players to be beneficial to their teams only if they are famous. The character and temperament of the incoming football player will adapt to you next to the football he plays. If you do not know how to embrace him like a member of your family, you will not benefit if he stays outside. Therefore, a good football player If you choose, you will look at how he plays, his age, his head, his physique, but then his morals and character. If he has passed all of these, you will know how to hug him when he comes here. If you fail to hug him, those beautiful roses will wither and it won’t help you either.” After the speeches, Cebi signed the students’ jerseys. Edirne College Founder Nesim İba gifted Çebi a handmade articulated carriage miniature unique to Edirne. Çebi stated that Beşiktaş Rowing Team will participate in the 2nd Edirne Rowing Festival, which will be held on June 4, 2022, organized by the TED Edirne College Rowing Club. Cebi, TED Chairman Selcuk Pehlivanoglu and TED Edirne College Founder İba also visited Edirne Governor Ekrem Canalp and Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan.

En Sağlam Bahis Siteleri


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