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Demir Grup Sivasspor’s coach Rıza Çalımbay, who lost 2-1 away to Medipol Başakşehir in the 13th week of Spor Toto Super League, argued that they were defeated due to the referee’s decisions. “We came here for points and points. I never think about a draw in the teams I coach, we play to win. Başakşehir is doing well in the league, it’s normal for them to start the game well with this morale. We didn’t quit the game, we think there was a foul in the first goal we conceded. “We didn’t expect him to score the second goal. We ate the second goal when we didn’t expect it. We managed like this until halftime, I had a change of players and tactics in my own mind, we made it. We played one of the best matches of the season in the second half. We got very good positions, we evaluated one.” “I am the most played player in Beşiktaş’s history, I have never seen so many cards in my football career.” Çalimbay said: “I don’t understand our referee friend, I don’t understand how he doesn’t give such a goal. Because his own players were angry with the goalkeeper, why didn’t he punch them. In my opinion, these referees do it on purpose, especially against Sivasspor. I was hurt so much because of the referee’s mistakes. In my match, the referee gave up refereeing, the referee scored a goal for our pen. I’ve experienced a thousand things, they are still alive. I don’t understand how the man at the head of VAR can’t see it. It’s a shame that he didn’t score. They punch our player in the Adana Demirspor match, the referee can’t see it. It’s a shame that he didn’t score such a goal today. Lastly, it feels like they’re doing it on purpose. And he shows me a card, I didn’t curse or shout. He just said, ‘This is the goal, how can you not count?’ I said. The man is coming, showing a card. It is not possible for you to do anything like this, we are trying to make sure that the referees are good. The relations of the referees are weak, a file was sent to us from the Association of Clubs, I wrote the first referee to see what can be done about the referees, and the second I wrote the VAR referees. He can’t even see in VAR, there’s nothing to do. We lost today’s match due to the referee’s mistake. We played badly in the first half, we couldn’t do anything we wanted, we didn’t deserve this result in the second half. We started the league before everyone else, we played a lot of matches. When injuries come, these problems are experienced. Our score last season, maybe 3 points behind this week, we experienced almost the same problems. We are the team that drew the most in the league. But we will get it together, our only problem is our referee friends. Max Gradel it came yesterday, we had to play it. We don’t have a large staff like the big four. Tighten when two men are missing we live this. We will fix this. I promised Sivasspor that they will always be in the top 5 as long as I am. It may be difficult this year, but I believe we will do it from now on. We just need a good win, once we get it, we’re ahead. The thing I’m sad about today is that the referee friends reveal the fate of the match. In my opinion, they are crushing Sivas in some places. I never forgive my referee friend,” he said.

En Sağlam Bahis Siteleri


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