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Hamzaoğlu told reporters that the game played in the last Galatasaray match in the league gave them hope. Emphasizing that the break given to the league due to the national matches was good for them, Hamzaoğlu said, “We tried to fill the gaps as a game. We worked for the treatment of injured players. Yasin Pehlivan was treated. Gökhan Gönül Germany He went to Turkey for treatment. Remy started training. They will be with us in a short time. Nathan Mozango is not physically ready, but Baino has started training with the team. We will take the field at the right time. Gökhan Akkan is working. We believe he will be with the team at the weekend.” Expressing that Remy will return to the field in a good way, Hamzaoğlu said, “We will benefit from Remy. He is very willing and working well. A good Remy physically is always beneficial to this team.” Noting that they are trying not to let their being in the last places in the league affect them negatively, Hamzaoğlu said, “We need to be very patient. Even if we win the match, we will still be at the bottom. Let this never lead us to despair. The important thing is where we will be at the end of the league. I believe we will finish the league in a good place. ” Pointing out that the team was physically and mentally worn out by the bad results in the first weeks, Hamza Hamzaoğlu continued his words as follows: “Our lack of playing as a team stands out. We should come to the fore as a team rather than an individual superiority. We have positive feedback as a team in our work. The important thing is to play every match with the same concentration. Until the end of the season, we will play every match in the final mood. Losing the finals does not mean that we missed the goal. We will have losses in the matches we never expected. The road ahead is long. The important thing is to walk with determined and firm steps.” Emphasizing that believing and believing is the most valuable method, Hamzaoğlu said, “We are trying to create a team that does not give up and fights no matter what the result. All the players are sincere and believe in it. We are working for this together. We want to be a team that rejoices and grieves together. When our players win. Rejoice together, suffer together when lost financial. Together with our fans, we will succeed. We can reach the goal more easily if we are united.” we can’t think We must now be on the field with the strategy and game that can win in away and home matches. We need to put up a winning fight. We need to be a team that makes a habit of winning now. We have to go out and play that way to win every game. We will go to the field to win the Giresunspor match. We will fight to win. We may not win, but every game will be a final because of the situation we are in.”

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